House flipping is a fun but tricky business — that is, unless you have a reliable house-flipping app at your fingertips to help you navigate the muddy waters of real estate investment. As the leader in house-flipping apps, FLPPD helps you list homes for sale, analyze real estate in your area, find real estate investors to connect with, and more. With the FLPPD app, you can find available houses to fix and flip right in the comfort of your own home! Here’s how it works.

Download The App

If you’re wondering how to get started flipping houses, begin with downloading the FLPPD app. Unlike other house-flipping apps that assume you’ve done it before, FLPPD offers a comprehensive approach to house flipping for beginners and seasoned professionals with multiple packages. For those who are just getting into flipping houses or are flipping houses with no money upfront, we offer the Investor Basic FLPPD Membership for free. For the more veteran real estate investors who flip houses for a living, we offer the Investor Pro FLPPD Membership for just $9.99 per month.

Our Investor Basic house-flipping package allows you to list an unlimited number of off-market properties, manage and edit your real estate listings, find real estate investors to grow your network, analyze real estate for sale or rent, discover house flipping financing options, and more. Our Investor Pro membership offers all this and more, with complete access to FLPPD house-flipping software and all its components. No matter which option you choose, downloading our house-flipping app is the first step toward finding the best real estate deals and successfully flipping houses.

List And Search For Deals

Once you’ve downloaded the FLPPD app, you can begin listing your off-market properties for real estate investors from all over the world to view. In turn, you can also analyze thousands of off-market deals in order to make smart investments when it comes time to buy, fix, and flip houses! FLPPD provides you with all the tools necessary to increase your ROI on real estate investments, from house-flipping calculator ROI estimations and up-to-date insight regarding the housing market to live real estate coaching, mentoring, and more.

Grow Your Network

Not only do members have access to a variety of real estate investment tools through the FLPPD app, but they also have the ability to find real estate investors to connect with and grow their network. This creates a virtual environment that is conducive to teaching, learning, and growing alongside one another as the real estate industry continues to take off. It’s all part of the FLPPD mission to help professional and novice real estate investors alike make worthwhile real estate investments — and do so by learning through ongoing mentorship and education.