Welcome to the FLPPD blog! Our real estate investors know how confusing the house-flipping business can be at first, so we will be posting helpful information, guides, and advice about how to effectively invest in real estate with our house-flipping app. There is much more to house flipping than buying a property, fixing it, and flipping it, which we will share in upcoming blog posts. Until then, here is a little more information about us!

Who We Are

The FLPPD app was created by some of the best and most experienced minds in the real estate investment industry: Will and Nick Garner of Houston, TX. Together, the brothers identified a gap in the house-flipping business where technology was lacking and people were attempting to navigate the muddy waters by themselves. It is for this reason, and an unwavering passion for investing in real estate, that they hired on a team of seasoned real estate investors to help them develop the most groundbreaking house-flipping software to date.

Each and every one of our real estate investors has a solid background in the house-flipping business, and have come together to provide the rest of the world with the opportunity to transform their real estate investments from blind guesses into educated decisions with a high return on investment. Flipping houses is our passion, and we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, user-friendly house-flipping software. We have helped many people across the world make successful flips, and it’s all thanks to the FLPPD house-flipping app.

What We Offer

FLPPD is a state-of-the-art house-flipping app that allows users to effectively find and analyze flips around the globe before making an offer and sealing the deal. As some of the most innovative house-flipping software developers in the world, we have completely revolutionized the way people invest in real estate by leading the digital shift. Flipping houses by yourself is now a thing of the past, and long gone are the days of navigating the housing market without the help of mobile technology designed by seasoned real estate investors.

The FLPPD house-flipping app comes equipped with the ability for you to list house-flipping deals, analyze deals with a house-flipping calculator, and grow your network by connecting with real estate investors in your area. Together, these assets allow you to make informed decisions about house flips long before you make an offer, ensuring better success once you decide to pursue the flip.

We offer two pricing plans for the FLPPD house flipping app: the investor basic FLPPD membership and the investor pro FLPPD membership. The first is free and allows you to list an unlimited number of off-market deals, completely manage your listings and their exposure, make connections with other investors, analyze house flips, finance your deals, and more. The investor pro membership, on the other hand, costs just $9.99 per month and gives you unlimited access to all the FLPPD house-flipping software and services. Read more about it here, and download the FLPPD app today to start making successful flips!